Child prisoners raped by prisoners AND staff on an ongoing basis in Michigan, according to lawsuit.

Michigan prison officials actually claim they are not responsible for rape, murder, or violence against child prisoners mixed with the adult prisoner population. The courts don’t seem to see it their way, including a $100 million judgment against the state for allowing prison staff to sexually assault and harass hundreds of female prisoners…

Inmates under 18 were forced to engage in sex acts with adult prisoners and staff, according to the lawsuit, with some abuse “open and obvious.” The Corrections Department disputes the allegations, and state attorneys have argued that employees shouldn’t be held liable.

But after more than a year of litigation, the inmates have some important victories.

Associated Press via The Seattle Post-Intelligencer:  Michigan fighting claims of sexual abuse by teens in prison



Bigots complain of prejudice… the world weeps.

A coalition opposed to allowing non-heterosexuals to marry is protesting that they and their fellow bigots are feeling excluded from civil society for what others see as their hateful, narrow-minded views. But those others say it’s about time, that bigots should be shunned and their bigotry publicly shamed.

From the Christian Science Monitor:

As gay rights gain acceptance, conservatives say they face discrimination


Carly Fiorina, destroyer of corporations and Cali senate race loser, eyes the White House

She almost destroyed Hewlett Packard as CEO — it lost half its value and she was fired. She ran for US Senator from California and was trounced, losing 42% to Barbara Boxer’s 52% — and now — OF COURSE — she’s running for president.

Can the GOP get any nuttier at all?

Bloomberg Politics: 

Carly Fiorina Gets Into the Picture

Time Magazine:

Here’s Why Carly Fiorina Thinks She Can Best Criticize Hillary Clinton

My heart goes out… but…

Once again, the dry, brush-covered hills surrounding San Diego, the single coastal bastion of conservatism in California, have gone up in a firestorm that threatens thousands of homes.

My heart goes out to those in danger and especially those who have lost their homes.

That said, San Diego county Republicans gutted their area’s ability to fight fires with their idiotic tax cuts and dogmatic laissez faire policies.

Until they start taking care of their OWN protection and paying for their own fire-fighting and preparing themselves for the brush fires that are all too PREDICTABLE, the state and federal governments should be wary of giving them ANY disaster funds unless absolutely necessary for safety and stability.

It appears about the only way you can make these opportunistic, greed-promoting politicians take some of the responsibility they are so often urging others to step up to.

Alabama Governor apologizes

Cut back to Fox News…

MONTGOMERY, Ala. – It took more than two days for Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley to apologize for controversial remarks he made during a Martin Luther King day speech in which he condemned the beliefs of non-Christians.
On Wednesday afternoon, Bentley issued a public apology: “If anyone from other religions felt disenfranchised by the language, I want to say I am sorry. I am sorry if I offended anyone in any way.”

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Looks like Anita Hill was telling the truth and Clarence Thomas was lying. Surprise!

It’s the central non-surprise in a surprising turn of events.

When Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ wife, Virginia, a leading figure in Tea Party circles, left an early morning voice mail message of Anita Hill asking her to consider apologizing for testimony Hill had given to Congress about two decades ago that damaged but did not stop the appointment of her former boss, Virginia’s husband, Clarence Thomas, to the highest court, that voicemail started a peculiar chain of events that has not yet played out.

The testimony was wide-ranging but largely focused on Thomas’ behavior toward female staff members and subordinates, which, according to Hill (and others who did not testify before Congress), ran long on sexual innuendo and inappropriate, sometimes aggressive comments of a sexual nature.

Now, the woman Thomas had been dating at the time (before his marriage to Virginia), Lillian McEwan, who Thomas referred to in his testimony, has stepped forward  with her first public comments on the matter.

In his own testimony, Thomas had suggested that Hill  was jealous of Thomas’ relationship with the light-skinned McEwan, seeming to suggest that the dark complected Hill was envious of Thomas’ frequent companion’s light complexion. (No, really.)

McEwan, now retired after her own long and prestigious law career, has written a memoir, and she has come forward to seemingly corroborate Hill’s characterizations of Thomas as conversationally obsessed with sex, large breasts, and suggesting that he was constantly sizing up young, black, female  subordinates as possible sexual conquests. Saying that it was the call to Hill  by Thomas’ wife Virginia asking Hill to consider apologizing for her long-ago testimony that provoked her to finally come forward, McEwan recently gave a 30 minute interview to the New York Times.

According to the Times:

For Ms. Thomas, [McEwan] said, the accusation of sexual harassment made by Ms. Hill “still has to be a mystery, that he is still angry about this and upset about it after all these years, and I can understand that she would want to know why, and solve a problem if she could — I mean, acting as a loyal wife.”

But Ms. McEwen said she knew a different Clarence Thomas, one whom she recognized in the 1991 testimony of Ms. Hill, who claimed that he had repeatedly made inappropriate sexual comments to her at work, including descriptions of pornographic films.

Ms. McEwen said that pornography for Justice Thomas was “just a part of his personality structure.” She said he kept a stack of pornographic magazines, “frequented a store on Dupont Circle that catered to his needs,” and allowed his interest in pornography to bleed into his professional relationships.


Ms. McEwen, speaking with ABC News

And the original coverage  from the Washington Post, which broke the story.