Is Trump team incompetence and ignorance of foreign trade processes pushing the US into a trade war with Europe?


The current U.S. president appears to be jaw-droppingly ignorant of foreign trade processes. European leaders have been aghast at his slow grasp of details. German Prime Minister Angela Merkel reportedly had to explain that it would be legally impossible for Germany to set up trade agreements directly with the U.S. (since Germany is part of the European Union) eleven times before he is said to have grasped that schoolkid fact).

And the ignorance and confusion apparently doesn’t stop with Trump. he Washington Post, notes that Trump trade adviser Peter Navarro appears profoundly confused about Germany’s monetary goals:

Trump’s trade adviser, Peter Navarro, seems to think that Germany wants a weak euro. In fact, German officials have spoken out consistently against the European Central Bank’s quantitative easing policy that is helping hold down the euro’s value.

The analysis suggests that while Trump and his team are largely clueless, that doesn’t mean they’re automatically wrong about everything — though they don’t appear to have the operational competence to address the extremely complex trade, savings, and investment relationships at the heart of the issue.

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