Romney as Manager-in-Chief — it ain’t pretty…

You gotta love it when the conservative economic media powerhouses weigh in with surprising observations.

This article was written by Frederick E. Allen, Forbes Magazine Leadership Editor…

Here’s more from around the web, with special attention to the Orca Project, Team Romney’s supposedly groundbreaking  but actually spectacularly mismanaged ‘strike list’ web app for GOP get-out-the-vote (GOTV) workers…

Wrapping back around to the whole ‘competence’ issue — this campaign is something of a crystallization of Mitt Romney’s life…

His famous father, George Romney, actually built things, accomplished things. When he was CEO of the American Motors, he took that newly merged, debt-burdened company to profitable, debt-free operation. When he was Republican governor of labor-heavy Michigan, he was a popular governor. When he ran for the GOP presidential nomination in ’68, by his blunt candor in assessing the Vietnam War as a loss (even then) and the managing generals as ‘brainwashing’ American politicians, he effectively ended his future chances in the GOP — but he got the truth out in front of the American people at a crucial time.

In his business career, Mitt specialized in “creative destruction” — buying troubled companies, plundering them for their assets for quick returns in some cases or, in others, using the companies as dumping grounds for debt sales from other Romney-controlled enterprises that effectively eviscerated Peter to fatten Paul — making losers of victimized existing investors in the troubled companies while rewarding investors in Romney’s other ventures.

Clearly, Mitt never really learned how to build lasting, healthy companies and his overall record shows that quite clearly. But he was hell at profiting from others’ misfortunes — he became one of the US’s richest businessmen doing it.

Sadly, for his apparent dreams of ‘besting’ his father (hadn’t we already been through that Freudian scenario with the reckless incompetence of George W Bush?), Mitt never apparently gained the management skills of his father — and that has become painfully evident in the aftermath of his unsuccessful campaign against an embattled incumbent with an Oval Office desk full of troubles…

Mitt Romney couldn’t manage his own campaign — and manifestly did a disastrous job of it — how on earth could he have managed the executive branch of the most powerful nation on earth?


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