That’s just how Ted is, don’t you see?

Some of the talking heads tell us, ‘Oh, Ted probably didn’t really mean his threat. He’s just like that.’


This is a aging hasbeen — a mediocre, crotch-grabbing fret grinder whose playing is the guitar equivalent of hearing a meth-addict grind away his teeth — a buffoon long laughed at by other musicians — yet whose endorsement the Romney camp not only crowed about for days, but had actually courted for months.But the talking heads tell us, ‘Well, you have to expect Ted to be Ted. Everyone knows how he is.’


This is a man who was arrested for wearing a loin cloth that didn’t cover his privates in public, in Little Rock, Arkansas.

This is a man who urinated on a nun.

This is a man whose gung ho cheerleading has accompanied every Republican twitch toward the trigger of war and destruction — yet who, when threatened with being drafted to fight in the Vietnam War, fouled his own trousers for a week to convince army doctors they didn’t want him. And they didn’t.

So why does Mitt?

What can that possibly say about his judgment?


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