Ted Nugent, patriot

Ted Nugent is a patriot.

That’s what he’ll tell you. That’s what the Romney campaign said during their long courtship of Nugent in their ultimately successful attempt to win and endorsement from the aging 70s rocker.

And it must be true because at a recent NRA convention, Nugent promised the faithful that if the incumbent President of the United States was reelected in November, he, Nugent, would be ‘either dead or in jail’ this time next year, a thinly veiled promise to attempt to assassinate the President of the United States.

That takes a lot of patriotism.

Just as it took a lot patriotism for Nugent to — by his own admission in an interview in the outlaw drug culture magazine, High Times — engage in an elaborate ruse to get a medical deferment to avoid serving during the Vietnam War. Nugent says he soiled his trousers for a week to convince military doctors that he was unfit to serve.  (Of course, many young men avoided service in Vietnam. But most of them did not then become tireless promoters of war and belligerent US policy — unless, of course, they became Republican politicians.)

Other colorful exploits from Nugent have included urinating on a nun and being arrested for indecent exposure for wearing a loin cloth on a city street that did not cover the body parts that people in Little Rock, Arkansas, expect to see covered.

Get the goods on Ted in this article from 2006 in the UK’s Independent:

Ted Nugent: Off his rocker?

And remember — it took a lot of effort for Mitt Romney and his team to get that Nugent endorsement. They really thought they had a coup there. That’s how people smart Mitt Romney and crew are.

Let’s not let this be swept under the rug too quickly.


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