Secret Service scandal: “Boys will be boys”? Don’t send them to do an adult’s job.

‎”Boys will be boys”? Then don’t send them to do the job of an adult.

Turns out that, in addition to the 12 US Secret Service agents attached to the presidential detail supporting President Obama’s trip to Columbia who were dismissed from the mission and reportedly suspended, there were also 5 Department of Defense service officers stationed permanently in Columbia who were attached to the detail and involved.

It doesn’t take a Columbo or Monk to speculate that the 5 soldier-types assigned “in country” were likely the guides who led the SS boys (term used advisedly) to the hookers.

How did this all come to light?

One of the SS men apparently stiffed his hooker.

Let me rephrase that. The prostitute accused him of not paying his tab and went to the authorities. (There are legal prostitution districts in Cartagena, where the incident occurred.)

So, for what was probably no more than a few hundred dollars, this guy took down his own career and those of 16 other individuals. Not, of course, that they were blameless. But, man, I’ll bet he’s not going to be popular around the water cooler. If any of them make it back to the water cooler.

Anyone want to speculate that alcohol was also involved?


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