Executive Order

A lot of misinformed ninnies reading far right and left wing rumor sheets like World News Daily are getting all twisted up in knots about an executive order signed Friday.

Maybe some of these dummies ought to read the REAL news and they might not get all tweaked out over veritable non-events — like the updating of a 6 decade old law that adds little except clarification and updating to include government agencies the last time it was updated.

Search for this on Google news — and virtually all you’ll find are far right and far left rumor sheets thinking they’ve uncovered something deep and dangerous.

What nonsense.

Here’s an actual, SENSIBLE analysis of the order — undertaken in light of some of the outrageous nonsense the ignorant and misinformed fringe/conspiracy groups and crazy right wing rumor sheets like World News Daily are spouting:


Here’s another…


And — just for balance — here’s a nonsensical but breathless ‘analysis’ from the right wing fringes: http://www.examiner.com/finance-examiner-in-national/president-obama-signs-executive-order-allowing-for-control-over-all-us-resources

Inform yourselves people. Don’t run around like ignorant, headless chickens. THAT is how people control you.


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