GOP candidates show little real interest in the economy

Republican politicians are often quick to claim business experience and economic expertise — but when push comes to shove, they often show a profound disinterest in the real economic machinery of our global markets.

Still, the utter lack of engagement on some of the most pressing matters facing the interrelated economies of Europe, Asia, and the Americas from the current crop of GOP presidential hopefuls is doing more than raising eyebrows.

In last night’s GOP presidential primary debate, CNBC moderator, Jim Cramer, finally had had enough nonsense from the Republican front runners, who almost uniformly shrugged off the European debt crisis.

“I would love it if we were independent,” Cramer said of the US economy. “It would be terrific to say it’s your fault and it’s your problem. But if this goes, the world banking system could shut down. Doesn’t that involve our banks too?”

More in the Los Angeles Times: GOP candidates at debate: Italy is Europe’s problem


One thought on “GOP candidates show little real interest in the economy”

  1. I’ve heard it said that the American political system is like a dysfunctional family, where the Republicans are dad, the Democrats mom, and the rest of us are the kids. We elect our leaders in a strange conflicting counter balance often pitting city counsels against mayors, state legislatures against governors, and even Congress against the President.
    Well, we just found out that we’ve been liven’ high on the out hog all these years because dad actually gave up his construction business years ago and has been flyin’ his own drugs and guns for Mexican, South American, Libyan, Saudi Arabian, Afghanistan, etc… cartels, and mom’s been too anxious to simply pacify us and all our family actives to mind the till and ran all her credit cards up without knowing where the money’s coming from, much less if it’s still comin’ in.
    Now dad could be lookin’ at jail time, but will likely just skip with what’s left, and mom is apoplectic and of no use to herself much less us homeless, destitute, bickering siblings that of course now don’t think we even share the same dad in the first place.

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