Character assassination? Now you’re playing on the right wing’s court!

The right wing media, with Fox News and shock jock Rush Limbaugh at the forefront, have launched a series of what they apparently hope will be preemptive strikes that will intimidate and silence any other alleged victims of sexual harassment and unwanted advances perpetrated by Herman Cain.

When  Sharon Bialek — who alleges that Mr. Cain subjected her to a crude physical assault, shoving his hand under her skirt toward her genitals and then pulling her head toward his own crotch —  came forward, she was immediately attacked by Limbaugh and others. Limbaugh has gone so far as pointedly pronouncing her name as “buy-a-lick” and making suggestive noises when he mentions her name.

When another alleged victim, Karen Kraushaar, came forward, Limbaugh cited a report that she had filed and then withdrawn a workplace complaint at a subsequent job, dismissing her as having a “pattern of whining.”

When Kraushaar attempted to assemble a press conference with others who claim harassment by Mr. Cain,  L. Lin Wood, an attorney hired by Cain to handle the wave of sex harassment claims gave a blunt warning: anyone contemplating coming forward with her own experiences at Mr. Cain’s hands should “should think twice.”

This New York Times article details the concerted efforts of the Cain team and their allies at Fox and other right wing media interests at trying to spin and shape  news of the allegations as well as discouraging other women from coming forward:

Cain’s Lawyer on Accusing: ‘Think Twice’


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