Grasping at pine needles… how desperate are the RWM?

It sounds like a joke but, apparently, the Heritage Foundation, which considers itself a think tank (I’m thinking, at least in this case, that’s an overreach) is up in arms because the U.S. Agriculture department went along with a Christmas tree growers trade group that wanted the Ag department to impose a 15 cents per fresh cut Christmas tree surcharge that would go into a fund for the continued promotion of fresh Christmas trees (as opposed to artificial trees).

The program is similar to those long in place that promote milk, beef, and cotton — programs favored by the business groups involved and which, under Republican presidents, have been favored by many on the political right, as well.

The Obama administration, taking note of the brouhaha in a teacup, has announced that it will delay the Agriculture department’s 15 cent fee imposition — disappointing the business groups that requested it.

USA Today: Obama team delays Christmas tree fee

McClatchy Newspapers: Christmas tree farmers hope ads will stem growth of artificial trees

Pardon the acronym in the title. I’m no fan of the MSM or the LWM, either. I was just looking to shorten one of my typically long titles and hit on an acronym that certainly must have occurred to others, but which was novel to me… Mea culpa for one more piece of acronymic nonsense. 


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