And now back from the Rapture to current global crises, still underway…

This sobering article on growing concerns about the security of Pakistan’s growing nuclear arsenal — not to mention concern over the very Pakistani officials overseeing it — from the Times of India should put the fear of God into those of us breathing a sigh of relief (or chuckling) about the most recently passed End-of-Times prediction…

Pak nuke security in focus again after naval base attack

While Pakistan insists that its “crown jewels” are under foolproof security, at the heart of the debate is worry that they are vulnerable to internal pilferage or attack by a “jihadized” military, judging by multiple attacks on military facilities by terrorists who seemingly have the inside track on security, including in the Mehran strike. A recent Wikileaks cable citing Pakistani military officials admitting sabotage of F-16s by “Islamists amongst the enlisted ranks” has added to the concern.


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