Catholic hierarchy clears itself of wrongdoing, blames society for predator priests


That’s what I thought when I read about the Catholic Church’s long promised report on the problem of predator priests and church cover-ups of crimes by priests and the church’s long history of persecution of the victims.

According to the Los Angeles Times…

Sexual abuse by Roman Catholic priests in the United States is a “historical problem” that has largely been resolved and that never had any significant correlation with either celibacy or homosexuality, according to an independent report commissioned by Catholic bishops — and subjected to fierce attack even before its release on Wednesday.

The report blamed the sexual revolution for a rise in sexual abuse by priests, saying that Catholic clerics were swept up by a tide of “deviant” behavior that became more socially acceptable in the 1960s and ’70s.

OK… we have the hierarchy’s excuse-making for the culture of the celibacy and the priesthood.

But to what do they attribute the shameful and often absolutely criminal misconduct of that very hierarchy in covering up crimes, over and over putting known predators back in positions where they could continue abusing children and other vulnerable persons, paying bribes and blackmail, helping criminal priests avoid prosecution, and — perhaps most despicably of all, attacking the victims and their families when they couldn’t otherwise bribe, intimidate or coerce them.

Some of the apologists for the hierarchy try to obfuscate the nature of the problem by ‘hiding’ the issue of predator priests within the more prevalent ‘problem’ of priests who violated their oathes of celibacy in consensual sexual relationships… oh, they say, the pederasts and victimizers were only a small fraction of the sinners.

Well, I’m perfectly happy to disregard those greater numbers and let the merely ‘imperfect’ work out their imperfections.

But the many in the hierarchy who facilitated and covered up the crimes of real predators?

They belong in prison with the rest of the criminals.


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