Is it time for environmentalists to say, “We told you so”?

For more than fifty years, environmentalists have been warning about the consequences of careless misuse and devastation of the earth’s natural resources and of the dangers of the tomorrow-never-comes attitude of those who deny those dangers.

Warnings about the dangers of nuclear weapons and nuclear power production began almost immediately in the wake of the horrific images coming back from Japan after the devastation of Hirshima and Nagasaki by nuclear bombs dropped by the US to avert the necessity of a land invasion of Japan to end World War II.

Warning about global warming due to hydrocarbon emissions and the greenhouse effect began circulating among climatological scientists in the 60s and became widespread in the 1970s.

But few in the western world wanted to give up the new found luxuries that the post-WWII boom gave them. And fewer still in the developing world wanted to sidetrack the efforts to bring economic development and modern living to the third world.

In large part, the warnings of environmentalists were ignored and, when they couldn’t be ignored, denied and ridiculed.

And, so, today, we face a time of depleted fish stocks in the ocean and in fresh water around the world, of increasing challenges in maintaining the massive agricultural production which has tamped down hunger among the still exploding global population — which has increased about seven fold since 1900 — and a global weather system which has become increasingly unpredictable in the wake of increasing global temperatures that climate scientists tell us is either caused or greatly aggravated by human activities and fossil fuel consumption, further destabilizing agricultural production and even melting glaciers and the polar ice cap — causing sea levels around the globe to rise so precipitously that many areas of coastal habitation around the world will become unlivable over the next 100 years.

There are virtually no credible climatological scientists who deny that human activities play a large part in global warming, evidence of destruction of the natural environment and pollution from fossil fuel production and use are all around us, yet many politicians still gin up their gullible, shortsighted, and ultimately fatally selfish followers to tear down environmental safeguards in order to grab ever more wealth at the expense, scientists tell us, of the following generations.

It’s time that we citizens of the planet earth wake up.

Tomorrow is here.


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