Congressman King’s Witch Hunt

U.S. Representative Peter King, a Republican from conservative upstate New York state, is a man who doesn’t mince words.

In 2004, in an interview with Sean Hannity he stated flatly that “No American Muslims are cooperating in the war on terror.” When a recent study of U.S. domestic terrorism showed that 48 out of 120 terror cases came from tips from Muslim Americans, King declared that that cooperation was not “sufficient” — and, as the new chair of the House Homeland Security Committee, he’s initiated hearings apparently designed to demonstrate the supposed truth of his convictions.

Many Muslim Americans and other observers fear a McCarthy style witch-hunt from the congressman, who has called Muslims “an enemy living amongst us.”

This piece from the Washinton Post’s On Faith column, by John Esposito, professor of religion, international affairs, and Islamic studies at Georgetown University, lays out that thinking:

Peter King’s hearings: Islamophobia draped in the American flag


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