Indiana Deputy Attorney General urges using “live ammo” on Wisconsin protestors

AN Indiana Republican deputy attorney general using a Twitter account he apparently thought couldn’t be traced urged using live ammunition on pro-union protesters in nearby Wisconsin.

When questioned whether he was actually advocating deadly force against peaceful protesters, he said, “You’re damn right I advocate deadly force.”

Unfortunately for now-former Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey Cox, one of the people who was reading his tweets works at progressive magazine Mother Jones and found that tracking down Mr. Cox was much easier than Cox might have imagined.

When confronted with the embarrassment of a law enforcement official urging summary execution for peaceful protesters, the Attorney General’s office decided to do the right thing and can Cox.

Cox was largely unrepentant, telling a TV station,  that while it might not have been “a good idea” to tweet his violent prescription for an end to the Wisconsin protests, he didn’t think public employees like himself should have to give up their free speech rights.

“I think we’re getting down a slippery slope here in terms of silencing people who disagree,” Cox said.

Tell that to the peaceful protesters he says he wanted to shoot.

Read more at the Washington Post.


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