US Polling on Egypt turmoil offers interesting insights

A new poll from the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press seems to suggest that most Americans view President  Obama’s handling of the turmoil in Egypt about right.

But a closer look at how the numbers break down offers a fascinating — but limited — prism through which to view different aspects of the American political mindset.

First, and most striking, perhaps, to those who actually do pay attention — most Americans do not: 52% of respondents say they have heard little or nothing about the turmoil in Egypt, despite nearly round the clock coverage in the serious journalistic media.

Second, and rather fascinating is the breakdown of those agreeing and disagreeing with the president’s handling of the situation.

69% of Democrats and 57% of political independents believe the president is doing well.

But, of Republicans, only 43% give the president a favorable rating on his handling of the turmoil in Egypt.

Yet, when one looks at the disapproval figures for Republicans, something very interesting emerges: 19% feel the president shows too much support to those opposed to continued rule by the dictator — but 15% of Republicans feel he is showing too little support to them.

And those nearly balanced figures totalling 34% combined with the 43% of Republicans who approve, seem to suggest that the President’s current course is about the best he could hope for at pleasing Republicans.

More from the Los Angeles Times:,0,6672091.story




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