Most hated church in America at it again…

Yes, folks, the Westboro Baptist Churchwell known for their demonstrations at the site of funerals for service people killed in Iraq and Aghanistan and for saying that the 9/11 attacks were God’s way of punishing the US for its sinfulness — are at it again. Big time.

According to the Guardian

The Westboro Baptist church in Kansas praised Jared Lee Loughner for killing six people, including young Christina Taylor Green, right, and wounding 14 others. The church founder, Fred Phelps, posted a video in which he said: “Thank God for the violent shooter, one of your soldier heroes in Tucson. However many are dead, Westboro Baptist church will picket their funerals. We will remind the living you can still repent and obey.”

Naturally, they’ve picked a high profile funeral to attack — that of nine year old Christina Taylor Green,  the youngest  of the 6 fatally wounded victims of Saturday’s bloody political assassination attempt on US Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.

“God hates Catholics,” claim the nice folks at Westboro and the family of the nine year old victim is Catholic. Ergo…

However, Arizona politicians are working quickly to put together emergency legislation to prevent the Westboro protesters from picketing or disrupting the funeral.

Arizona state senator, Kyrsten Sinema told Fox News: “It is the most disgusting thing I ever read in my entire life. I literally threw up after I read it … I’m like, ‘I’m gonna fix this’.”

Arizona legislators may be swimming uphill, however. The US Supreme Court has upheld Westboro’s right to demonstrate outside funerals in a case brought by the father of a soldier killed in Iraq whose burial was disrupted by Westboro protesters.

Arizona citizens, on the other hand, are taking a proactive stance. According to the Guardian…

Christin Gilmer has gathered more than 40 volunteers to wear 10 foot high angel wings and stand between the church members and the funeral.

A group of bikers says it will surround the church members.


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