NASA stumbles again?

First NASA followers last week thought the US government’s space exploration wing might be going to release groundbreaking news about finding actual signs of life beyond our planet when NASA said they’d be making a big announcement about extraterrestrial life last week.

When they made their big announcement, it turned out to be interesting, and provocative, and potentially groundbreaking — but hardly anything with the impact of discovering an actual form of life on another planet or in space.

What they released were details from an experiment that seemed to show that life could organize itself around arsenic based compounds. Up until that moment, all life (as we knew it) had been seen to be organized around phosphur compounds. Big news for biologists and, to be sure, possibly far reaching implications.

Had it been true.

Now that other scientists have had a few days to look at NASA’s big experiment, they’re finding some big flaws:
“This Paper Should Not Have Been Published” — Scientists see fatal flaws in the NASA study of arsenic-based life.


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