Edison Pena, a celeb — er, hero — for our times!

A month ago, he was trapped, like, 47 miles beneath the surface of the earth (OK, it was less than a half mile but when the odds are stacked against you getting out alive, it might as well be a million), with 32 other Chilean miners, running miles a day through the tunnels in order to keep in training while singing Elvis Presley songs to cheer up his companions (he said).

This morning he ran and won the New York City Marathon.

Well, maybe not exactly won — like in first place — but he clearly won the hearts of proverbially thick-skinned Manhattanites, not to mention folks across the States and, without doubt, up and down the whole of the Americas.

For the record, he was more than 3 and a half hours behind the actual, for-the-record winner — but haven’t we already forgotten his name?

More in The Guardian:
Chilean miner’s latest amazing feat … the New York marathon


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