Self-proclaimed Christian advocate admits racial attack was faked

I don’t normally read local crime news, so I didn’t see this story until it had already blown up in the principal’s face. But it’s a real doozy.

The upshot is this: Bethany Storro, a self-professed advocate for Jesus, claimed two weeks ago that she had been attacked — acid thrown in her face — by an athletic black woman who taunted her, calling her “pretty girl” and trying to get Storro to drink the acid before throwing it on her face.

Storro, stoically bearing up under surgery to repair the damage, vowed to go on Oprah to tell her story and tell the world about Jesus. (Roughly, her words.)

Except that it turns out that Storro made up the attack, made up the athletic black woman attacker, made up the “pretty girl” taunts, and threw caustic liquid in her own face…


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