Only 11% of young female users understand Facebook privacy settings

I’ve often laughed at the suggestion that young people understand computers and computing — since I so often see glaring examples of the precise opposite — even in tech fields where users should be expected to have a basic understanding of their tools. (Afterhours, I’m a musician and former studio recording engineer, and I often participate in online recording tech discussion forums.)

Sure, a lot of kids can tell you all about the seventh level of some computer based role-playing game or how to hook up a Wii to a television. But understand the technology or even basic functionalities? Ha!

So, maybe it  shouldn’t have come as that much of a surprise that only 11% of female Facebook users under the age of 25 actually understand Facebook’s basic user privacy controls enough to work them properly.

But, if these kids don’t know the first thing about Facebook — where they waste  countless hours of time — my gosh, what DO they know?


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