Rolling Stone blindsided McChrystal, violated journalistic ethics…

Based on facts as presented in an article in today’s Washington Post, it’s hard not to come to the conclusion that writers, fact-checkers, and editors responsible for Rolling Stone magazine’s controversial profile of Gen. Stanley McChrystal violated the terms under which Rolling Stone’s writer, Michael Hastings, was granted access to McChrystal and his staff.

Addtionally, according to the Post, the Rolling Stone article included inaccuracies, even after fact-checkers were given corrected information, and generally blindsided the general and Pentagon officials who had authorized the access and article by  including off-the-record information without any prior notice, specifically by pointedly not including requests for verification or clarification on many of the most controversial aspects of the article which were apparently collected outside the agreed upon bounds of the reportage process. And, even in some cases where Rolling Stone received corrected information, they  printed the inaccurate version of the facts anyway.


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