More racist nonsense from Arizona

When the director of Prescott, Arizona’s Downtown Mural Project was overseeing a mural on the side of a school that was designed and painted with the help of students at the school and drawn from images of the children’s faces at the school, he says he and the student artists were continually barraged by racist taunts and insults from those  driving by.

When Steve Blair,  Prescott city councilman and talk show radio host — who says he “can’t stand” the word diversity — mounted a campaign against the mural, calling the mural “graffiti” and complaining that the most prominent face on the mural seemed to be that of a black person, and citizens writing in to the local paper described the mural as “ghetto,” the school had had enough.

They courageously stepped up and did the right thing.

They asked the mural project team to lighten the color of the children’s faces in the painting.

Blair has since been fired from his afternoon radio talk show host job, but continues to represent his constituency on the Prescott City Council.

An island of sanity…

Arizona police officer Martin Escobar, a 15 year veteran of the Tucson police department, is setting out to challenge that state’s not-yet-implemented anti-illegal-immigrant law, which opponents call oppressive and predict will backfire, endangering public safety by causing the state’s large immigrant population to avoid reporting crimes, since doing so will make those reporting crimes subject to arrest and possible deportation.

The new state law mandates that state and local police must ascertain the legal residency of anyone they make legal contact with and act on any illegal immigrants they find, even if the illegals are witnesses or victims.

Escobar is one of two Arizona police officers who have taken it upon themselves to file lawsuits challenging the Arizona law in federal court.


2 thoughts on “More racist nonsense from Arizona”

  1. Well, willnever, as you might expect, I don’t see it the way you do. If people in your community did not hire undocumented workers, you would see see many illegals.

    It may strike you as fair when those with power and position are allowed to exploit undocumented immigrant workers and then those workers and their families are punished — but I find that sort of thinking repugnant.

    But forget basic fairness and human decency for a few moments — and think about the very safety of your community.

    As many of your own police officials will point out to you, when police are required to act against anyone they have any reason to suspect may be an undocumented immigrant, it makes even legal residents hesitant to have contact with officers. Illegal immigrants will simply entirely stop reporting crimes, cooperating, or acting as witnesses or tipsters.

    I guess we can’t expect you to think of others or of the rest of society. But at least think of your own safety and self-interest.

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