Teacher teaches lying to get what you want

An Oregon middle school teacher, acting, he says, in his private time (although there are some questions about that), has pledged to disrupt tea party movement gatherings with a posse of people he says he’s collected to infiltrate the meetings and disrupt them by acting out what he claims are the worst aspects of the tea party movement.

Any reader of this blog knows its writer is increasingly wary of some pretty nasty traits among some members, and some depressingly predictable traits among what appear to be most. (Read my thoughts on the recent survey of tea party attitudes in my most recent post here.)

But — this — this is just so out of line.

Just because you don’t like someone or his/her policies, willful exaggeration, distortion, or outright lies about that person degrades the democratic process, deprives people of their right to the truth, and plants a seed of corruption and wrongdoing in the heart of those doing the lying.

Of course, that is a sword that cuts both ways.

Read more from Portland TV station, KATU.

Addendum: but — if you’re gonna go ahead and do it anyhow, this guide from Gawker offers some on point but nonetheless pretty hilarious ‘tips’ for would be agents provocateurs. KS2 Problema’s favorite, rather arch piece of pointed advice:

Guns: If you are planning on crashing a tea party event, be aware that many people will probably have guns. If you don’t want to be shot, you should also bring your gun. If everyone has a gun then no one will be shot. That’s how it works, right Teabaggers?

Gawker: Some Advice For the Tea Party Crashers


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